Sonia Kashuk Pretty Cheeky Palette Review

The artwork of the palette was created by Sonia Kashuk’s daughter Sadye Kaner. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)
The limited edition Pretty Cheeky palette ($19.99) is the last palette to be designed by Sonia Kashuk. The founder of the Target beauty brand, Sonia Kashuk, is leaving and the future of the brand is unknown. I gave in and bought the palette partly because it’s the last palette designed by Sonia Kashuk. Plus, who can resist the cute packaging?

Below are the swatches with no primer. Out of everything, I like the blush the most. It’s a unique peachy, orange color. I think it will look great in the summer.

The blush is a peachy orange color perfect for summer. The bronzer is too dark for me, but would look nice on tan skin. The highlighter gives a subtle champagne gold color . (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)
This is what the palette looks like on the inside. It’s great for travel and I like how it snaps shut. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)
From top to bottom: SK’s Pretty Cheeky blush (cruelty free), Benefit’s Majorette blush (not cruelty free), and Becca’s Songbird blush (cruelty free). SK’s has a darker, more vibrant peach color than Benefit’s, which looks like a light orange. Becca’s leans peachy pink. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)

I used the palette to create the look below. The blush is very pigmented so I used a little bit on my cheeks. Meanwhile, I packed it on my eyes.

The highlighter is on my eyelids and cheeks. It is subtle and not glittery. If you want a blinding highlight, this might not be for you. It doesn’t last long on the face either.

For me, the bronzer is too dark for my pale skin. However, it is a nice transition shade.

I used Sonia Kashuk’s Pretty Cheeky palette to create this look. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)

Overall, I think the Sonia Kashuk’s Pretty Cheeky palette will be great for the spring/summer. I also think it will look especially beautiful on people with medium skin tones. A YouTuber who goes by Toni_Allure Beauty made a first impressions and review video I suggest checking out to see the palette on someone darker than me. Spoiler: she looks absolutely gorgeous.

If this is something you want, make sure to get it soon since it is limited edition. I only saw one left at the Target near me. You can also order it online.

I also compared the palette to four other face palettes below. After comparing them, I feel like the best deal is the Becca Sunchaser palette. It’s $14 more, but Becca’s highlighters last longer and the quality is better. You also get a free deluxe shimmering skin perfector in Opal if you purchase before May 14.

Face Palette Comparisons:

Sonia Kashuk Pretty Cheeky palette

  • 0.38 oz or 10.80 g
  • $19.99
  • highlight, blush, bronzer
  • limited edition
  • made in Italy
  • cruelty free
  • unsure if it’s vegan because it contains caprylyl glycol, an acid found in the milk of some animals and in palm and coconut oils

Smashbox L.A. Lights blush and highlight palette (in Culver City Coral)

  • 0.50 oz or 14.50 g
  • $35
  • 2 blushes and 1 highlighter
  • made in USA
  • paraben free, oil free, fragrance free
  • not cruelty free
  • not vegan

Becca Sunchaser palette

  • 0.42 oz or 11.90 g
  • $34 (free deluxe sized shimmering skin perfector in opal with purchase at Ulta)
  • blush, bronzer, highlighter
  • limited edition
  • made in USA
  • cruelty free
  • unsure if it’s vegan because the blush contains caprylyl glycol

Essence Shape Your Face contouring palette (in Ready, Set, Peach!)

  • 0.40 oz or 11.34 g
  • $5.99
  • blush, bronzer, highlighter
  • made in China
  • contains talc, mica, mineral oil
  • cruelty free
  • not vegan

Rimmel London Kate Scultpting palette (in 003 Golden Bronze)

  • 0.88 oz or 24.95 g
  • $6.99 (buy one get one half off at Ulta)
  • blush, bronzer, highlighter
  • made in China
  • not cruelty free
  • not vegan

Cruelty Free and Vegan Resources:

Final Thoughts:

While I love the packaging and the blush, the highlighter fades quick and the bronzer is too dark. This is something I think makeup collectors will enjoy since it is Sonia Kashuk’s last palette. I also think the palette looks better on people with medium skin tones. What are your thoughts on Sonia Kashuk’s Pretty Cheeky palette? I also made a video you can watch down below where I review the palette.


End of Spring Semester at Rowan University

It’s the end of the semester at Rowan University. I’ve learned so much about online journalism and met some awesome people along the way. Some people choose to say farewell to their blogs, but this blog stays alive. I’m hoping to post at least once a week. Expect more interviews, events, and reviews. And let me know what you want to see!

For this class, the biggest challenge for me was finding local makeup artists and events in South Jersey. South Jersey’s beauty community feels so small compared to cities like New York and Philadelphia. I had to constantly search on Instagram and Facebook. I would search #njmua over and over while looking at local businesses for events. My best advice for any beauty blogger out there is to keep researching and use social media.

Social media is one of the greatest tools to make connections with people and spread the word about your blog. Right now my blog has over 1,000 hits. Sharing every blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on Snapchat has helped build traffic.

One thing I learned as a beauty blogger/online journalist is that most people are willing to talk to you about themselves. There’s no need to be shy. I feel a lot more comfortable now after talking to so many amazing people.

Favorite Posts this Semester:


Spring Makeup Class with Jeana Licciardello

In the Village is located in Woolwich and Mullica Hill, NJ. They do hair, makeup, and spa treatments. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)
I’m not an expert when it comes to makeup, so I was excited to attend a class to learn more about how to do makeup from Jeana Licciardello, a professional makeup artist. This particular event was geared towards mothers and daughters since Mother’s Day is approaching.

Jeana is a South Jersey makeup artist and hairstylist. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts makeup tutorials and looks. I’d recommend checking out her everyday makeup look video to learn some of her tips and tricks. You can also follow her on Instagram @jrlicciardell0.

The event took place at In the Village in Woolwich, New Jersey. Besides makeup, they also do hair and spa treatments. The atmosphere is warm and inviting.

In the Village is a place where everyone knows everyone. The women who attended the makeup demonstration have had their hair or makeup done previously.

Tips from the makeup class:

  • use Artis brush dupes (which can be found at T.J. Maxx) instead of sponges to apply liquid foundation
  • for lashes closer to the center of your face, move the mascara wand inward
  • for lashes farther from your face, move the wand outward (creates sunrise effect)
  • use a little bit of powder at a time instead of using too much at once
  • use a lighter concealer to highlight underneath the eyes and brow bone
  • always use an eye primer before putting on eyeshadow so the color lasts longer

After the class, we had the option to purchase any products. In the Village has their own makeup and according to them it is cruelty free.

Everything is affordable for the most part. The prices are half of what you would pay at Sephora. For example, lip liners are about $20 at Sephora, but In the Village’s lip liners are $11. I ended up purchasing a pink highlighter and a nude lip liner.

During the class, Jeana compared In the Village’s eyeliner to Kat Von D’s trooper eyeliner (see blog post) and In the Village’s brow pomade to Anastasia of Beverly Hills’ dipbrow. I’m thinking about doing a future blog post about In the Village’s makeup since their eyeliner is comparable to my all-time favorite.

Below is my YouTube video of the event where I interviewed Jeana. Let me know if you’d like to see more videos in the future!

Why You Should Buy Makeup at T.J. Maxx

A couple people enter T.J. Maxx after the store opens. It was a beautiful morning. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)
I never shopped at T.J. Maxx until last year. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and someone posted makeup they found at T.J. Maxx. Everything was from big brands such as Sephora, Kat Von D, and Too Faced, however, the price was different.

I’m going to share my shopping tips, show you what I found in one trip, and share the things I’ve bought previously. Let’s start with my tips for shopping at T.J. Maxx.

1. Always look at Instagram before driving to the store

I always look at #tjmaxxfinds to see what everyone else is finding. Chances are what they found could be in stock at your closest store.

2. Follow beauty Instagrammers and bloggers

Similar to number one, people who post beauty steals will let you know as soon as possible so you can hopefully find it too. One person I follow is @dalimakeup on Instagram. She posts several T.J. Maxx beauty steals such as the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette she recently found for $19.99.

3. Take your time in the store

Sometimes the thing you want is hidden behind something bulky. You have to move things around to find hidden treasures. Just don’t make a mess.

4. Use your phone to look up products for information

I once saw a Mac Amber Times Nine eyeshadow palette, but after looking up the swatches I chose not to buy it. Besides swatches, I can also find out if a product is cruelty free, reviews, and original prices.

5. Ask yourself if you need it or want it

Personally I’m trying not to buy things that I know I’m only going to use once. Before buying anything, take a moment to reflect whether or not the product is worth your hard earned cash.

6. Come back every few days

Several months ago someone posted Kat Von D blushes they found, but I couldn’t find any in the store. I went back a few days later and the store had plenty.

7. Call the store and ask

If traveling to the store is an issue, call the store and ask if they have what you are looking for. One employee told me a customer called her and asked if the store had any Anastasia contour cream kits. She looked in the store and told the customer that the kits were in stock.

8. Scroll through T.J. Maxx’s website

I don’t do this often, but there’s interesting stuff online. For example, a couple weeks ago, the Tarte Tartiest Pro eyeshadow palette was $10 cheaper than the original price. Sadly it is no longer on the website.

After looking at what I found in one day, you’ll see why you need to start shopping at T.J. Maxx. The prices are the best, there’s a variety of stuff, and it’s fun like a beauty treasure hunt.

Below are things I’ve bought previously at T.J. Maxx. I also have a pair of boots and a curling iron. So far I’m happy with what I’ve purchased.

By the way, I’m still on the hunt for Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palettes. What items have you found at T.J. Maxx?

Interview with Jennifer Damminger a Makeup Artist in South Jersey

I met with Jen at Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea last Saturday. She is wearing NYX lip liner in nude and Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in Duchess. We both ordered the peppermint patty latte. (Photo by Kristin Guglietti)

I sat down with Jennifer Damminger, owner of Beauty Inside You Makeup Design, to learn more about what she does as a certified makeup artist. Jen is 29 years old and from Deptford, New Jersey. Not only did she receive her certification at Robert Fiance beauty school, she also has a clinical psychology degree and she is going to nursing school.

She has been doing makeup for a few years in the South Jeresey area. She does all types of makeup looks whether it’s special effects, proms, or weddings. Jen does it all. She does it well too.

The reviews on her website are mostly five stars for good reason. I recommend following her on Instagram @biy_makeup_ or on Facebook to see the beautiful looks she’s created on herself and others.

One of her favorite makeup products are the Ardell 113 Glamour lashes, which are currently buy one get one half off at Ulta.

Below is an edited audio clip of the interview, and I have also typed up the interview for those who prefer reading over listening. Talking to Jen felt like talking to a friend, which is something I like.


Besides makeup, what else are you passionate about?

I went to Inspira. Then once I was in the medical lab, I was there for five years. I was so miserable there so I decided to leave and go to makeup school. I’m actually back doing phlebotomy at LabCorp. I’m also going to nursing school.

I’ve been wanting to do nursing for a really long time but I was never really ready for it—but I’m ready now. I love helping people. I love caring for them. That’s been a passion of mine since I’ve graduated high school. It’s really important to me. Art and makeup is a hobby and a passion—don’t get me wrong—but first and foremost I’m a care-giver. I love taking care of people, talking to them, and making them happy. With makeup, too, I love to just make them feel good about themselves.

What got you into makeup?

I’ve been an artist my whole life. I draw. I paint. I do it all. I started doing my makeup and people would come up to me all the time like, “Jen you do really good makeup.” And I’m like, “Maybe it’s something I should look into.” Then I started having a midlife crisis. I was like, “I don’t know. Should I go back to school for it?” My one girlfriend was like, “Yeah just do it.” So I did. It’s like another art outlet for me. It just another medium to work with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos in slideshow by Jen Damminger)

*How did you come up with the name Beauty Inside You Makeup Design?

If I’m going to start my own business freelancing, I got to do something that represents who I am. So I asked my husband and he said, “Beauty Inside You.” It has a nice ring to it and I like that. I also wanted my attitude and appearance not to be about just making people look pretty. You have to believe that you are beautiful first inside you and then I can help with the rest. That’s where the idea came from and the story behind it.

*Tell me a story when you made someone feel beautiful.

There’s been a lot of those moments. Recently, I’m doing my best friend Tara’s wedding. There are 14 girls that I’m putting makeup on at this wedding. When I did her makeup trial the other day for her surprise shower, she looked in the mirror and was like “Oh my God! I love it!” She was so excited and to know that one of my closest friends could trust me with their face made me feel really good.

What is the step-by-step process when you are doing someone’s makeup?

First, I always make sure everyone is moisturized. Once everyone is moisturized (good makeup is good skincare), I prime the face, get it ready, and then conceal anything under the eyes. I do color correction, and I conceal over any blemishes or dark spots. And then it depends on what kind of makeup you want. Either you want traditional or airbrushed. I airbrush a lot of my clients. I’ll airbrush you, get the foundation on, and then I start the contouring process where I contour and give that lifted effect to your face. After that, I do brows and eyes. And then I work on your lips. After all that, I do the lashes. Lashes go on last. After everything is done and they’re happy with everything, I set it with setting spray and they’re good to go. Every routine is different and every makeup artist is different, but that’s the routine I found is the most comfortable for me.

Do you have any makeup tips you would like to share?

My tip for people doing makeup is just do what you like. Don’t do anything else just because it’s the new trend or it’s what someone at Sephora told you. You don’t have to put pounds of makeup on your face to look beautiful. Just do a little bit to enhance what you already have and that is enough. Don’t feel like you have to pack it all on. I do because I like a nice mannequin face but that’s my style. My advice for anyone for makeup tips is just do what makes you happy.

What would you like to do in the future?

I would like to eventually maybe do a dead person. I would love to be a mortuary beautician here and there because I think that would just be cool. Maybe I’m really morbid for saying that, but I really would like to do that. I think it’s definitely something that would be different.

I would also like to do a nice special effects look on someone eventually because I do special effects looks too. In five years, I hope to be right where I am with my makeup.

Since prom season is coming up, are you getting a lot of bookings?

Proms tend to book last minute, so I’m just waiting. Prom’s are one of my favorite though because my prom girls always let me go ham on their face. Bright colors, lashes, deep contours. They don’t want anything natural. They just want it all. They want it to match their sequenced dresses and I’m cool with that.

You also do weddings.

Weddings are really good, but they are also very stressful. This is that person’s biggest day of their life so the expectation is really high. It can be very stressful, so my tip to any other makeup artist out there, especially with weddings, just stay calm.

Would you like to share one of your experiences with special effects makeup?

I’m currently working on a Freddy Krueger look. For his whole scarring and his face, you have to use a special silicone. It’s a two based silicone. I’ve never worked with it before, but it’s two steps. You have to mix it together like a science project. When you mix it together, it becomes this gel. Then you have to apply it to the face and let it set and dry. It’s something I never worked with. It’s called 3rd degree silicone and I’m really anxious to see how it turns out, but I don’t know—we’ll see.

It was hard finding makeup artists in South Jersey. Many artists are in North Jersey and Philadelphia. Do you see yourself expanding your business out of South Jersey?

I’m not about that scene. The big scene. I like staying low key. I like staying local. That’s just where I’m at. That’s who I am. If  I ever go big, then maybe I’ll head up there and be a part of that scene, but I’m good with being in South Jersey and just being local and taking care of my girls down here.

*asterisks indicate additional questions excluded from the audio

Meet Beauty Blogger Chelsea Clement of Glam Skull Beauty

Instagram is a place full of talented makeup artists from many backgrounds. Chelsea Clement, 28, is a beauty blogger known as “Glam Skull Beauty” on Instagram. She comes from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, and you need to check her out.

According to Chelsea, she came up with the name “Glam Skull Beauty” because she wanted something original that combined her favorite things—glam makeup looks and skulls.

She wasn’t passionate about makeup however until August 2016, a month before she started her Instagram. In February 2017, she started her blog under the same name.

Her following has grown quickly in less than a year with over 5,600 followers on Instagram and over 1,700 views on her blog. One of her posts she is proud of has gotten over 1,000 likes.

“I never imagined my following would grow like it has when I started my Instagram. I’m honestly shocked at how quickly it’s come in such a short time. I just post things I enjoy posting about and cross my fingers that others will enjoy it too!” said Chelsea.

Chelsea’s Instagram consists of makeup looks, swatches, and product layouts. Lately she has been doing mini series that center around a theme. Her most recent series being Disney.

“I’ve never really been into Disney at all but I started this series because I know a lot of people are Disney fans and would enjoy it. My favourite character is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch because even though he doesn’t really talk, he’s a kindhearted little blue alien with a big heart—and he’s hilarious,” said Chelsea.

She enjoys doing mini series, and she is thinking of doing an Avengers or horror movie themed series next.

When it comes to her blog, she plans on reviewing some palettes. One of her most recent reviews is on the Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance palette.

Speaking of eyeshadow palettes, she would love to collaborate with Colourpop, one of her favorite brands when it comes to eyeshadows.

Chelsea said, “I would love to create a palette with Colourpop with their pressed shadow formula. My palette would consist of half matte and half shimmer. I would probably put tons of bold colors in the palette along with some really nice neutral transition shades. The packaging would be all black with sleek lettering and there would be a skull symbol somewhere. It’d come with a brush and a decent sized mirror to make it travel friendly.”

She also used to do graphic designs in graphic forums before she got into makeup. All her graphics can be found on Deviant Art.

“I’ve always been a creative and artistic person. Makeup lets me bring that side of me out,” said Chelsea.

Her life may look “glamorous” from the outside, but Chelsea is a real person who happens to be a down-to-earth stay-at-home mom.

Before she posts anything beauty related on the Internet, she gets her son ready for school. When her son comes home, she helps him with his homework then she prepares dinner.

“I’m 28 and still have no clue what I want to do with my life. I possibly want to do something with makeup since that’s my most rewarding hobby as of yet. But as long as I raise my child right, that’s the only dream job I’d like to have,” said Chelsea.

For beauty bloggers who are just starting out, Chelsea shared this advice, “Don’t worry about the numbers. Everyone started at zero and worked their way up. If you don’t get 1,000 followers over night, don’t get discouraged. If you’re passionate about blogging, numbers shouldn’t matter at all as long as you’re doing what you love.”

I predict her following is going to grow due to her variety of content, consistency in posts, and her cool personality. It was a pleasure talking to Chelsea, and I’m excited to interview more talented artists.

Kat Von D Throws Shade at Makeup Revolution on Instagram


(All pictures are not my own and are used under Fair Use)

There are plenty of drugstore dupes for higher priced makeup items, but there is a difference between dupes and plagiarism. Kat Von D posted on Instagram on March 19 a comparison photo of her Shade and Light eyeshadow palette Makeup Revolution’s Light and Shade eyeshadow palette.

They look exactly the same. The layout is identical. Makeup Revolution even used the same name but switched around.

People already had mixed feelings about Makeup Revolution’s palette when it first launched on August 24 2016. Below are comments from Makeup Revolution’s Instagram when they announced the release.


Kat Von D then posted a 21 minute video on YouTube yesterday to further explain her opinions on dupes and rip offs.

She said, “I think a lot of people don’t realize how creatively involved I am with how I make all my products.”

Kat Von D is an artist. She makes designs of tattoos and makeup palettes. It’s completely understandable that artists don’t want others stealing their work. No one wants their hard work taken and used for monetary gain.

Keep in mind that Makeup Revolution didn’t steal any of Kat Von D’s artwork. There is no hand drawn, detailed lettering like on Kat Von D’s palette. However, it is wrong that Makeup Revolution used the same name and concept.

“I wouldn’t be so offended at that company if they would’ve just taken the concept and called that inspiration and then create something on their own…That to me is much more admirable and I could totally respect that,” said Kat Von D.

One thing on Kat Von D’s Instagram post that people did not admire however were her hashtags. Some people found it unprofessional since she is supposed to represent a huge makeup brand.


Kat Von D definitely threw shade at Makeup Revolution with those hashtags. Could she have worded things differently?

She used the #bootleg and it doesn’t seem to fit Makeup Revolution’s brand. A bootleg is by definition an item that is made, distributed, or sold illegally. Makeup Revolution is sold at Ulta and Super Drug, two reputable places.

How come Kat Von D did not mention the real bootlegs of her makeup? Why the focus on Makeup Revolution? People on Instagram asked the same questions.


Makeup Revolution didn’t steal Kat Von D’s artwork. Meanwhile, there are fake exact replicas being sold with harmful ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, let’s compare the ingredients of Kat Von D’s Shade and Light eyeshadow palette to Makeup Revolution’s Light and Shade eyeshadow palette.

Just to let you know Kat Von D Beauty is definitely cruelty free, but it’s unclear if Makeup Revolution is cruelty free or not.

When it comes to each palettes’ formulas, Makeup Revolution’s formula is vegan and Kat Von D’s is not vegan. Some of her shades contain carmine.

She has mentioned she wants to reformulate her makeup to be vegan, and she has done that with her refillable contour palette. However, the Shade and Light eyeshadow palette is currently not vegan.

It seems hypocritical Kat Von D, an advocate for veganism, would denounce Makeup Revolution’s palette when her own palette is not vegan.

Meanwhile no word has been said of the fake makeup featuring Kat Von D’s artwork that has existed longer than Makeup Revolution’s palette.

People will agree with Kat Von D and people will disagree. She has the right to be upset as a hardworking artist, but maybe she threw the shade at the wrong rip offs.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.