Hello my name is Kristin Guglietti and this is my first blog. You may be wondering about the title of this blog, “freeversemakeup”. Let me explain. I have a passion for writing, and I like putting stuff on my face.

For those who may not know, free verse is a type of poetry where there are no rules. The poem does not need to rhyme or have a strict structure. Like free verse poetry, makeup has no rules.

Take this poem for example:

Poems and makeup

Tools to create, empower,

Inspire the world

Woops—this is a haiku not a free verse poem. Unlike free verse, haikus have that 5-7-5 syllable structure. It’s a little odd to have a haiku on a blog called freeversemakeup, so let’s try this again.

You are beautiful without makeup.

There is nothing wrong with the shape of your brows

Or the freckles planted on your cheeks or the bags under your eyes

Or the lines around your smile or the scar from years ago

Or the color of your skin.

You are also beautiful with makeup.

With your rainbow eyes and strawberry colored lips

And spider-like lashes and chiseled-out cheeks,

You are like a painting in an art gallery surrounded by admirers.

In your exhibit, there are other paintings.

You may not like the style, composition, texture, color, or subject,

But don’t rip the other paintings apart.

Instead let’s see the beauty in all.

There that’s my attempt at free verse. Like the poem I wrote above was saying, I want us to see the beauty in all. I hate it when people pick apart each other’s appearances.

In this blog, expect anything makeup or beauty related. We’re going to talk about the problems in the industry, different makeup techniques, products, makeup challenges, etc.

Speaking of challenges, some of the highlighter challenges are lit. While most challenges are fun to watch, please don’t try anything that could potentially harm you.

Along with heavy posts there will also be fun posts like how to do winged eyeliner like a pro. I’m no makeup guru but I want to learn and teach everyone different makeup skills.

Expect to see interviews from makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and other people in the industry.

Together I hope we can create a positive community.

[edited: 2/3/17]


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