How to do Winged Eyeliner Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to master the art of winged eyeliner? Or wanted to draw lines on your face? In a few easy steps, you’ll be a pro in no time.

First, you need eyeliner. There are many on the market, so it may be overwhelming to choose. If you are in elementary or middle school, you might not have a choice of eyeliner.

When I was in eighth grade teaching myself  for the first time how to draw lines on my face, I had to ask my mom for eyeliner. There were no mother and daughter trips to Sephora (I didn’t know about these fancy places that sold makeup). She’d just buy me the blackest eyeliner at CVS.

Eyeliner recommendations:

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil Eyeliner ($11.99) – Out of the five shades, I recommend the shade midnight master because it is black. This was my first eyeliner I used throughout middle and high school. I like how you can twist the pencil to get more product, but I didn’t like how quick the tip of the pencil loses its point. This can be found in most drugstores. Unfortunately, Maybelline is not cruelty free.

Tarte Clay Paint Liner ($24) – I’ve recently been playing around with this. This eyeliner is great because it has a matte finish and lasts for the entire day. They also have a mini holiday set with four shades for $35, which is great if you want to test it out and try new colors. This liner comes with a dual ended brush, one side is precise and the other is angled. The angled end makes winged eyes easy. You can find Tarte at Sephora, Ulta, or Macy’s. Tarte’s Clay Paint Liner is vegan while Tarte’s holiday set is cruelty free (the shade Aubergine has carmine).

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($20) This is my all-time favorite eyeliner. Trust me, I’ve tried several. The tip is very precise. It does not move all day, and one eyeliner can last me for six months. If you want this eyeliner to last a long time, make sure to store it horizontally. When stored vertically upside down, it may dry out and lose product. The only con is that it is more glossy than matte, however, adding black eyeshadow on top can fix that. Personally, I don’t mind the glossiness so much. Tattoo liner comes in two colors in trooper and mad max brown and can be found at Sephora or on Kat Von D’s website. Both tattoo liners are vegan!

Physicians Formula Eye Boosting 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Serum ($11.99) This is the drugstore dupe of Kat Von D’s eyeliner. Like the tattoo eyeliner, the Physicians Formula eyeliner has a similar tip that is very precise. The main difference is that the Physicians Formula eyeliner will flake off throughout the day no matter how much primer and setting spray was used. If I want my wings to last an entire day, I have to periodically check and reapply in the bathroom, but who has time for that? Usually, I just come to terms with the fact that my wings have flown off.  This eyeliner comes in three colors: brown, black, and ultra black (what exactly is the difference between black and ultra black?). Also like the tattoo liner, the Physicians Formula eyeliner is vegan.

Kat Von D’s eyeliner (left) and Physicians Formula’s eyeliner (right) have similar brush tips for precision. (Taken By Kristin Guglietti)


For this tutorial, we will be using the Physicians Formula eyeliner in ultra black. I chose this one because it is affordable, vegan, and easy to use.


Start at the inner corner. Keep your hand steady and slowly make small lines. Do not glide on one line in one swipe. This is art. You’ll need to spend at least an hour for each eye to end up with the perfect symmetrical winged eyes.



After slowly making small lines, you should end up with something like this. You can stop here, but this is a winged eyeliner tutorial not a basic eyeliner tutorial. We’re not done yet.



Repeat the process on the other eye until both eyes have symmetry. It doesn’t have to be perfect.



This is the hardest step, so pay attention! With a flick of the wrist, create a line extending towards the end of your eyebrow but not touching your eyebrow (unless you want a more dramatic look). Repeat on your other eye. You might have to use makeup remover if you are not satisfied and try again.



Create another line connecting to the tip of the line you just created. It should look like a triangle. Fill the triangle and you should have something like the picture below. As you might notice, I made a mistake on top of the lid, but that can be easily removed with makeup remover and an angled brush or cotton swab.



Repeat step five for the other eye until both eyes are identical.



And that is how you do winged eyeliner like a pro!


Now you are ready to hit the clubs…jk. I don’t recommend covering your entire lid with eyeliner since the area around your eyes are sensitive. If you want the panda look, use black eyeshadow instead. I kinda like this half panda/half glam look.


7 thoughts on “How to do Winged Eyeliner Like a Pro

  1. I thought this was a great post! This is something that is very popular right now and will surely get its of attention! Your step by step demonstration was genius and very user friendly. I also love that you gave different suggestions on brands of eyeliner. I know that I definitely like people’s feedback ad experience since I also use all different kinds! I really do not have much to say for improvement! It was very comical as well!


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