Black Owned Makeup Brands Makeup Challenge

Since it is black history month, I wanted to bring back the Black Owned Makeup Brands Makeup Challenge or the B.O.M.B. challenge. Jackie Aina made this challenge popular on YouTube in July 2016.

What is the B.O.M.B. challenge? It’s a challenge to bring awareness to the makeup brands that are owned by black people. Only products that are from black owned makeup brands can be used.

When we shop at Sephora, many of the brands we will see are brands owned by white people. I think it is important especially this month to support the black owned makeup brands.

One of the biggest mistakes people made with the B.O.M.B. challenge is accidently using brands that are not black owned but appear to be black owned. For example, Black Radiance is owned by Nikos Mouyiaris, a Greek white man.

If anyone does the challenge, please do your research to make sure the brand is black owned.

Now I am going to shout out to two cool black owned makeup brands whose products I really want to try.

The first brand is Juvia’s Place owned by Chichi Eburu. I am an eyeshadow nerd and their eyeshadows are known to be pigmented, colorful, and affordable. The Nubian 2 palette ($28.99) has been compared to Kat Von D’s limited edition Serpentina palette for its quality and colors.

The Saharan palette ($28) is their newest eyeshadow release and it has caught my eye with its warm shades.

According to Chichi Eburu, “Being of West African descent with Fulani ancestry, I was inspired by their beautiful styles, cultures, and ethnicity, and that gave birth to the Saharan collection.”

The second brand I would like to mention is Beauty Bakerie owned by Cashmere Nicole. They are known for their liquid lipsticks or “lip whips”. People say the lip whips have one of the most long wearing formula out there. Another bonus is the cute packaging.

According to Cashmere Nicole, “Before I named Beauty Bakerie, I began it knowing one thing only—we would always give back even if we had absolutely nothing.”

After reading her story about how she survived cancer, it makes me want to support the brand more than ever.

It’s black history month so let’s bring back the B.O.M.B. challenge and support the black community!


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