Kat Von D Throws Shade at Makeup Revolution on Instagram


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There are plenty of drugstore dupes for higher priced makeup items, but there is a difference between dupes and plagiarism. Kat Von D posted on Instagram on March 19 a comparison photo of her Shade and Light eyeshadow palette Makeup Revolution’s Light and Shade eyeshadow palette.

They look exactly the same. The layout is identical. Makeup Revolution even used the same name but switched around.

People already had mixed feelings about Makeup Revolution’s palette when it first launched on August 24 2016. Below are comments from Makeup Revolution’s Instagram when they announced the release.


Kat Von D then posted a 21 minute video on YouTube yesterday to further explain her opinions on dupes and rip offs.

She said, “I think a lot of people don’t realize how creatively involved I am with how I make all my products.”

Kat Von D is an artist. She makes designs of tattoos and makeup palettes. It’s completely understandable that artists don’t want others stealing their work. No one wants their hard work taken and used for monetary gain.

Keep in mind that Makeup Revolution didn’t steal any of Kat Von D’s artwork. There is no hand drawn, detailed lettering like on Kat Von D’s palette. However, it is wrong that Makeup Revolution used the same name and concept.

“I wouldn’t be so offended at that company if they would’ve just taken the concept and called that inspiration and then create something on their own…That to me is much more admirable and I could totally respect that,” said Kat Von D.

One thing on Kat Von D’s Instagram post that people did not admire however were her hashtags. Some people found it unprofessional since she is supposed to represent a huge makeup brand.


Kat Von D definitely threw shade at Makeup Revolution with those hashtags. Could she have worded things differently?

She used the #bootleg and it doesn’t seem to fit Makeup Revolution’s brand. A bootleg is by definition an item that is made, distributed, or sold illegally. Makeup Revolution is sold at Ulta and Super Drug, two reputable places.

How come Kat Von D did not mention the real bootlegs of her makeup? Why the focus on Makeup Revolution? People on Instagram asked the same questions.


Makeup Revolution didn’t steal Kat Von D’s artwork. Meanwhile, there are fake exact replicas being sold with harmful ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, let’s compare the ingredients of Kat Von D’s Shade and Light eyeshadow palette to Makeup Revolution’s Light and Shade eyeshadow palette.

Just to let you know Kat Von D Beauty is definitely cruelty free, but it’s unclear if Makeup Revolution is cruelty free or not.

When it comes to each palettes’ formulas, Makeup Revolution’s formula is vegan and Kat Von D’s is not vegan. Some of her shades contain carmine.

She has mentioned she wants to reformulate her makeup to be vegan, and she has done that with her refillable contour palette. However, the Shade and Light eyeshadow palette is currently not vegan.

It seems hypocritical Kat Von D, an advocate for veganism, would denounce Makeup Revolution’s palette when her own palette is not vegan.

Meanwhile no word has been said of the fake makeup featuring Kat Von D’s artwork that has existed longer than Makeup Revolution’s palette.

People will agree with Kat Von D and people will disagree. She has the right to be upset as a hardworking artist, but maybe she threw the shade at the wrong rip offs.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.











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