Meet Beauty Blogger Chelsea Clement of Glam Skull Beauty

Instagram is a place full of talented makeup artists from many backgrounds. Chelsea Clement, 28, is a beauty blogger known as “Glam Skull Beauty” on Instagram. She comes from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, and you need to check her out.

According to Chelsea, she came up with the name “Glam Skull Beauty” because she wanted something original that combined her favorite things—glam makeup looks and skulls.

She wasn’t passionate about makeup however until August 2016, a month before she started her Instagram. In February 2017, she started her blog under the same name.

Her following has grown quickly in less than a year with over 5,600 followers on Instagram and over 1,700 views on her blog. One of her posts she is proud of has gotten over 1,000 likes.

“I never imagined my following would grow like it has when I started my Instagram. I’m honestly shocked at how quickly it’s come in such a short time. I just post things I enjoy posting about and cross my fingers that others will enjoy it too!” said Chelsea.

Chelsea’s Instagram consists of makeup looks, swatches, and product layouts. Lately she has been doing mini series that center around a theme. Her most recent series being Disney.

“I’ve never really been into Disney at all but I started this series because I know a lot of people are Disney fans and would enjoy it. My favourite character is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch because even though he doesn’t really talk, he’s a kindhearted little blue alien with a big heart—and he’s hilarious,” said Chelsea.

She enjoys doing mini series, and she is thinking of doing an Avengers or horror movie themed series next.

When it comes to her blog, she plans on reviewing some palettes. One of her most recent reviews is on the Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance palette.

Speaking of eyeshadow palettes, she would love to collaborate with Colourpop, one of her favorite brands when it comes to eyeshadows.

Chelsea said, “I would love to create a palette with Colourpop with their pressed shadow formula. My palette would consist of half matte and half shimmer. I would probably put tons of bold colors in the palette along with some really nice neutral transition shades. The packaging would be all black with sleek lettering and there would be a skull symbol somewhere. It’d come with a brush and a decent sized mirror to make it travel friendly.”

She also used to do graphic designs in graphic forums before she got into makeup. All her graphics can be found on Deviant Art.

“I’ve always been a creative and artistic person. Makeup lets me bring that side of me out,” said Chelsea.

Her life may look “glamorous” from the outside, but Chelsea is a real person who happens to be a down-to-earth stay-at-home mom.

Before she posts anything beauty related on the Internet, she gets her son ready for school. When her son comes home, she helps him with his homework then she prepares dinner.

“I’m 28 and still have no clue what I want to do with my life. I possibly want to do something with makeup since that’s my most rewarding hobby as of yet. But as long as I raise my child right, that’s the only dream job I’d like to have,” said Chelsea.

For beauty bloggers who are just starting out, Chelsea shared this advice, “Don’t worry about the numbers. Everyone started at zero and worked their way up. If you don’t get 1,000 followers over night, don’t get discouraged. If you’re passionate about blogging, numbers shouldn’t matter at all as long as you’re doing what you love.”

I predict her following is going to grow due to her variety of content, consistency in posts, and her cool personality. It was a pleasure talking to Chelsea, and I’m excited to interview more talented artists.


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